Tuesday, January 13, 2009

EfM - World View

Msgr. Chester Michael writes, “Worldview refers to those unproven and unprovable assumptions which one makes regarding all reality and especially ultimate reality. Ordinary human reason proves one statement to be true by asserting another more basic statement. This more basic statement is then proven correct by a still more basic statement. This process of human reasoning has to stop somewhere. The final statement is accepted as true on blind faith. We satisfy our conscience by stating that the truth of this final statement is self-evident. What we mean by this is that we are ready to accept the truth and validity of this final statement on blind faith without having to prove it. These assumptions of truth which we accept on faith without further proof constitute our total worldview.”

My own thoughts about worldview include things like:

  • The nature of reality

  • The basis of your faith

  • What do you mean when you talk about God

  • How you think the universe is constructed and works

  • What it means to be a human being living in that universe

  • Things you accept without having any objective proof or justification

In our discussions I think we have most often explored the Tradition and Culture sources. This will take us deeper into the Position source. This packet includes some things that may help you explore your ideas about worldview:

Write a one-page statement describing your Worldview. You can use any format that appeals to you. We’ll take two weeks to work on this. For the class on 3/26 please bring a copy for each class member.

  • You might write it as your version of one of the historic creeds.
  • It can be an essay like “This I Believe”.
  • You can take a blank Mapping Theology grid and fill in as many squares as you have an opinion about.

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