Monday, January 19, 2009

Communion Kit

I just completed this kit for home communions as a gift to a friend. I had the idea some time ago when I picked up a dozen pewter pyxes on eBay.

A Samsonite camera case, Model 708BK. I've seen them on Amazon for about $20 but picked this up at TJ Maxx for about $12.
From Communion Kit

eBay again, this time from a vendor of lab glassware. I have since found this source, SKS Bottle. I stenciled the gold cross with Pebeo glass paint and baked it on in the oven. It's supposed to survive the dishwasher so should stick with ordinary handling.
From Communion Kit

eBay at a riduculously low price for a group of 10. I've seen them on the web at Bolivia Mall for a much higher price.
From Communion Kit

The corporal is a luncheon napkin, already hemstitched. I embroidered the cross. I hemmed and embroidered the little purificators.
From Communion Kit

Dupioni or Thai silk, embroidered with silk thread. Jerusalem crosses on one side, crosses patonces on the other. Hands that do gardening are not all that suitable for handling soft, ravelly silk fabric and floss!
From Communion Kit

The whole set. The cup is one of a set of tiny Jefferson cups I received as a wedding gift and never used. The paten is a pewter ashtray I found on the web but the site no longer sells retail.
From Communion Kit

Everything all stowed away.
From Communion Kit

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Storyteller said...

What a labor of love! Wonderfully creative.